Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diablo III: Stay a while, and listen!

Having spent more afternoons of our high-school career leveling our Sorceresses on Diablo II than we'd like to admit, you'd better bet we're squealing like little schoolgirls in anticipation for this newest game in the Diablo series.

The game itself will be extremely similar to its predecessors in that it's an overhead RPG in which you slash through literally tens of thousands of mobs with your super-duper cool spells. There will still be mini-bosses, but in a greater variety of types. In the original games, mini-bosses always came in one format: A big discolored mob with a few special abilities. Now, they'll interact with their environment more, summon creatures, split into 3 mobs as one of its abilities. These are just a few things Blizzard designers have released.

A few features that'll help break up the monotony of hours of making corpse piles:

1. Destructible terrain. If there's an overhang you can break it to make it fall on groups of mobs, if there's a flimsy looking wall you can bust through it and get access to a secret room. Little things like that give you more things to shoot at. As if the millions of mobs weren't enough!

2. Random events! Blizzard hasn't told us much of this feature yet, just things like wars between NPC factions in certain zones.

3. There will be added random zone features. For instance, if you remember in D2 and D1 the maps randomized (to an extent), so each time you played through the map it was slightly different. Word is (this part is just rumor, we can't find confirmation from Blizzard on this but it does sound friggin' awesome) that the terrain will change entirely through the D3 engine each time you travel through a zone, in a similar way that Minecraft generates biomes.

4. There will be improved PvP. If you've ever played WoW arenas, it'll be a similar setup to that. There will be a number of arena maps with preset teams of 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and (rumored) 10v10s. There will be ranked seasons with awards being dished out to people who rank within certain percentile ranges. Much better than the previous "lol I'm hostile to you now I can come and kill you and take your gold while you're questing. I'll call you a noob even though I'm 20 levels above you!"

The classes in D3 seem pretty well-thought-out thus far. There is the Wizard (very similar to the Sorceress in D2), the Barbarian, the Demon Hunter (A ranged class with some of the trap abilities that the Assassin had in D2), the Witch Doctor (Can raise dead and curse similar to the Necromancer), and the Monk, who seems to have the most unique abilities out of them all. There are -some- similarities in the Assassin's martial arts tree from D2, but past that it seems pretty independent.

Sadly, Blizzard has yet to give us a release date. Even when they do I'm sure it'll get postponed another half a year or so. I do suggest that the readers to on and sign your account up for the D3 beta for a chance to get in.

Unfortunately Deckard Goddamn Cain is still going to be around. I had hoped he'd die of cancer or diabetes or something. So every time you need to grab pots, every single time you need to get scrolls of identification or scrolls of town portal, every time you need to repair you get to be greeted with "STAY A WHILE!! AND LISTEN!!!"

Post stories about your Diablo adventures here! Characters, when you played, what you'd like to see in D3 or what you're excited about in the newest Diablo!


  1. I haven't actually played any of the Diablo series, a fact which will now make me the target of either a hate mob, or a bounty hunter...or a hate mob led by a bounty hunter. I do know though that I've lost quite a lot of respect for Blizzard over the years, and Diablo 3 and it's real money auction house hasn't done much for me. I was an avid WoW player for a few years, and felt continuously let down, although I do still enjoy the old RTS games. So I still like them, just not as much. But I shouldn't judge a game by it's developer.

  2. I've never played any of the diablos but ive seen a friend play the 2nd one and he got addicted to it. I'm definitely gonna give this 3rd one a shot, it looks real good.

  3. I slammed the fuck outta D2 as a necro for the better part of the game, and I agree man,. I wanna take Cain and just smash his face in with a brick. Only thing I can say is they better add in some Uber's like in D2 on the servers. That was some fun shit to work for.

  4. this game looks so awesome. I still haven't decided if I want this or KOTOR III

  5. The new Diablo should have Sean Connery do the voice of Deckerd Cain

  6. I am ridiculously excited for the game. Cannot wait.

  7. i can barely wait for this to come out, demon hunter here i come

  8. Hmm, that's a game I never played, but it's on my "To play List".
    Nice one.

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