Monday, December 8, 2014

The Witcher III!

Hello again people, Shaded Gaming is back after a brief (lol) pause from the gaming world, starting the return with an overview of The Witcher III, Wild Hunt!

To give a brief bit of background, the Witcher series are RPG's with a rather in-depth crafting and combat system implemented into them. If you haven't checked out the first two, we'd seriously recommend them both.

Originally the release date was projected for 24 February, 2015 yet now it's being pushed back to 19 May, 2015. Which sucks pretty bad for those of us highly anticipating the game, but like all good things... We must wait or be patient or some other kind of crap advice that I'm definitely not going to follow. Counting down the days over here.

A lot of notes and changes from the predecessors in the series are being rolled out, so we'll list the major ones here:
  • This is projected to be Geralt's (Main Protagonist) final adventure.
  • Unlike the Witcher II, the game will make jumping into the storyline a bit easier if you have not played the previous games. Not entirely certain how they'll do that considering that the story still follows the same character. I for one will be pissed if they pull the amnesia cliché.
  • Reportedly the game world will be 35 times larger than the Witcher II.
  • They're removing the Quicktime events from the game entirely (Thank God).
  • A large emphasis has been put on an "open world" environment now. The previous games were still open-world somewhat, but you still felt a linear progression track.
  • Claiming 100 hours of gameplay.

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